Texte à méditer :  On ne tire pas sur son passé... Quand on se penche sur l'histoire qu'on a vécue, on entend siffler des trains ou sonner des cors de chasse.  Daniel Cordier
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Oeuvres - Lutyens

puce-1.gif Les oeuvres d'Elisabeth Lutyens

* Stage
  • The Pit, dramatic scene for tenor, bass, women`s chorus, and orchestra (Palermo, 24 April 1949)
  • Penelope, radio opera (1950)
  • Infidelio, chamber opera (1956; London, 17 April 1973)
  • The Numbered, opera (1965-1967)
  • Time Off? Not a Ghost of a Chance, a charade in 4 acts and 3 interruptions (1967-1968; London, 1 March 1972)
  • Isis and Osiris, lyric drama for 8 voices and chamber orchestra (1969)
  • The Linnet from the Leaf, musical theatre for 5 singers and 2 instrumental groups (1972)
  • The Waiting Game, 5 scenes for mezzo-soprano, baritone, and chamber orchestra (1973)
  • One and the Same, scena for soprano, speaker, and mimes
  • The Goldfish Bowl, ballad opera (1975)
  • Like a Window, extracts from letters of Van Gogh (1976)
  • The Birthday of the Infanta, ballet (London, 1932)

* Orchestral
3 Pieces (1939)
  • 6 chamber concerti, some with solo instruments (1939-1948)
  • 3 Symphonic Preludes (1942)
  • Viola Concerto (1947)
  • Music I (1954)
  • Music II (1962)
  • Music III (1964)
  • Quincunx (1960)
  • En voyage, symphonic suite (London, 2 July 1960)
  • Symphonies for Piano, Wind Instruments, Harps, and Percussion (London, 28 July 1961)
  • Music for piano and orchestra (1964)
  • Novenaria (1967)
  • Plenum II for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra (London, 29 July 1974)
  • The Winter of the World for Cello and Chamber Ensemble (London, 5 May 1974)
  • Eos for Chamber Orchestra (1975)
  • Rondel (1976)
  • 6 Bagatelles for Chamber Orchestra (1976)
  • Nox for Piano and 2 Chamber Orchestras (1976)
  • Wild Decembers (1980)
  • Music for Orchestra IV (1981)

* Chamber
  • Solo Viola Sonata (1938)
  • 13 String Quartets (1938-1982)
  • String Trio (1939)
  • 9 Bagatelles for Cello and Piano (1942)
  • Aptote for Violin (1948)
  • Valediction for Clarinet and Piano (1954)
  • Nocturnes for Violin, Cello, and Guitar (1956)
  • Capricci for 2 Harps and Percussion (1956)
  • 6 Tempi for 10 Instruments (1957)
  • Wind Quintet (1960)
  • String Quintet (1963)
  • Trio for Flute, Clarinet, and Bassoon (1963)
  • Scena for Violin, Cello, and Percussion (1964)
  • Music for Wind for Double Wind Quintet (1964)
  • Music for 3 for Flute, Oboe, and Piano (1964)
  • The Fall of the Leafe for Oboe and String Quartet (1967)
  • Horai for Violin, Horn, and Piano (1969)
  • The Tides of Time for Double Bass and Piano (1969)
  • Driving Out the Death for Oboe and String Trio (1971)
  • Rape of the Moone for Wind Octet (1973)
  • Plenum II for Oboe and 13 Instruments (1973)
  • Plenum III for String Quartet (1974)
  • Kareniana for Viola and Instrumental Group (1974)
  • Go, Said the Bird for Electric Guitar and String Quartet (1975)
  • Mare et Minutiae for String Quartet (1976)
  • Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and 3 Instrumental Groups (1977)
  • Ob Absolom for Oboe and String Trio (1977)
  • Constants for Cello and Piano (1977)
  • Doubles for String Quartet (1978)
  • Footfalls for Flute and Piano (1978)
  • Prelude for Violin (1979)
  • Trio for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano (1979)
  • Morning Sea for Oboe and Piano (1979)
  • Rapprochement for Horn, Harp, Wind Quartet, String Quartet, Piano, and Percussion (1980)
  • 6 for an ensemble of 6 Instruments and Percussion (1980)
  • Soli for Clarinet, interchangeable with Bass Clarinet, and Double Bass (1980)
  • Branches of the Night and of the Day for Horn and String Quartet (1981)
  • The Living Night for Percussion (1981)
  • Echo of the Wind for Viola (1981)
  • Triolet I for Clarinet, Mandolin, and Cello (1982)
  • Triolet II for Cello, Marimba, and Harp (1982)

* Piano
  • 5 Intermezzi (1942)
  • Piano e Forte (1958)
  • Plenum I (1973)
  • The Ring of Bone (1975)
  • 5 Impromptus (1977)
  • 5 Books of Bagatelles (1979)
  • La natura dell´acqua (1975)

* Orgue
  • Sinfonia (1956)
  • Plenum IV (1975)

* Vocal
  • O Saisons, O Châteaux, cantata for soprano, mandolin, guitar, harp, and strings (1946)
  • Requiem for the Living for soloists, chorus, and orchestra (1948)
  • Bienfaits de la lune for soprano, tenor, chorus, strings, and percussion (1952)
  • De Amore, cantata (1957; London, 7 September 1973)
  • Catena for soprano, tenor, and 21 instruments (1961-1962)
  • Encomiom for chorus, brass, and percussion (1963)
  • The Valley of Haisu-Se for soprano and instrumental ensemble (1965)
  • Akopotik Rose for soprano and instrumental ensemble (1966)
  • And Suddenly It`s Evening for tenor and 11 instruments (1967)
  • Essence of our Happiness, cantata (1968; London, 8 September 1970)
  • Phoenix for soprano, violin, clarinet, and piano (1968)
  • Anerca for women`s speaking chorus, 10 guitars, and percussion (1970)
  • Vision of Youth for soprano, 3 clarinets, piano, and percussion (1970)
  • Islands for soprano, tenor, narrator, and instrumental ensemble (London, 7 June 1971)
  • The Tears of Night for countertenor, 6 sopranos, and 3 instrumental ensembles (1971)
  • Requiescat, in memoriam for Igor Stravinsky, for soprano and string trio (1971)
  • Dirge for the Proud World for soprano, countertenor, harpsichord, and cello (1971)
  • Counting Your Steps for chorus, 4 flutes, and 4 percussion players (1972)
  • Chimes and Cantos for baritone and instrumental ensemble (1972)
  • Voice of Quiet Waters for chorus and orchestra (1972; Huddersfield, 14 April 1973)
  • Laudi for soprano, 3 clarinets, piano, and percussion (1973)
  • Chorale Prelude and Paraphrase, to text from a letter of Keats, for tenor, string quintet, and percussion (1977)
  • Cascando for contralto, violin, and strings (1977)
  • Elegy of the Flowers for tenor and 3 instrumental groups (1978)
  • Echoi for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1979)
  • Cantata for Dramatic Soprano and Instruments (1979)
  • Cantata, to text by Baudelaire, for 3 soloists and instrumental ensemble (1979)
  • The Roots of the World, to text by Yeats, for chorus and cello obbligato (1979)
  • Echoes for contralto, alto flute, English horn, and string quartet (1979)
  • Mine Eyes, My Bread, My Spade for baritone and string quartet (1980)
  • Fleur du silence, to words by Rémi de Gourmont, for tenor, flute, oboe, horn, harp, violin, viola, and percussion (1980)
  • The Singing Birds for actress and viola (1980)

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